Thursday, November 15, 2012

15 Songs I Will Never Skip

   but you didnt have to cut me off
   Do you ever find yourself listening to something, singing along, and then quickly come to the conclusion that you despise said song you are singing so you skip it? It happens to me all of the time, especially with that Goyte song, You Didn't Have to Cut Me Off! (I don't even know if that is the correct title) It got me thinking about the songs I wouldn't dare skip over, and also might not otherwise admit that I jam out to it. However, I confess these 15 songs wouldn't dare ever be skipped over by moi.

fifteen: Hanson, What Christmas Means to Me
 This song is one of my most favorite Christmas songs. I went through a major Hanson loving phase and I can still remember the cover of this CD. Listening to this song puts me in a wonderful mood.
fourteen: Hole, Celebrity Skin
   Well, I do love Nirvana and when Hole came out as a band I remember sneaking to listen to this song. I can also remember when the video aired on MTV and loving the fact that Courtney had crystals in her hair.
thirteen: Alanis Morissette, Head Over Feet
   This was like an anthem for me when I was growing up! I would blast this through my pink record player speakers and dance around my room like a maniac. For whatever reason, I thought I could relate to Alanis Morissette in every single way. Oh, the tween and teenage years...
twelve: Counting Crows, A Long December
   I could listen to this song in the middle of June and still feel the power of this hit. A Long December never gets old.

eleven: Lil Wayne, Got Money
  Duh. This song got me amped before my wedding and anytime I am feeling depressed or negative I blast this jam throughout my car or in my ear buds.
ten: Britney Spears, I'm a Slave 4 U
  Britney Spears is amazing. I love her and she can do no wrong in my book. Like I've said before, it's our job to protect this girl woman.

nine: Rod Stewart, Rhythm of My Heart
  I credit my Mom for this one, oh and my PE teacher in elementary school. I can remember jumping on our couch bed watching a Rod Stewart video video. I love this man, so does my Mother, she calls him Rod the Bod.
eight: Backstreet Boys, I Want it That Way
  Forget N'Sync I was all about BSB.

seven: Blink182, Feeling This
  Love this band, love this song. This album is all I would listen to in the mornings and on road trips.
six: Christina Aguilera, Dirrty
  The Yin to Britney's Yang. Disney Darling. Dirrty Xtina. This song will make you move and is great motivation while working out.

five: Dave Matthews Band, Crash
   Wedding song.
four: Madonna, Vogue
  Classic. Vogue takes me back to my childhood years. My older sister, Elizabeth, idolized miss M and because of that, I liked her as well. Elizabeth used to dance around in a black bra to this song and also told me when she got married she was going to wear a black wedding dress with white lingerie. That never happened, unfortunately.
three: Garth Brooks, Friends in Low Places
  First concert I ever went to.

two: Rihanna, Birthday Cake
   This is like my favorite song right now. I look like a fool in my car singing along to this.

one: Michael Jackson, Black or White
  Bam. I'm a child again. I love this song. It's true that your childhood taste in music forms the type of music you will enjoy the rest of your life. I have only fond memories of Michael Jackson's music.

  What songs do you refuse to skip through?

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  1. I'll never skip over "Celebrity Skin." I still love Hole. So much.