Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving it to God

   Babies. Children. Munchkins. Little Ones. Kids (not a fan of that word). However you say it, I can't stop thinking about them. Other peoples children, and of course my own, you know, the ones I don't even have yet? Well, it's driving me insane. My instagram feed was full of other peoples adorable little ones, their sweet faces, their cozy nurseries, and images of how they spend their days. After not being able to fall asleep whatsoever on Sunday night mainly because I was perusing through other peoples photos I realized that I was fixating on something that I have no control over; God has control. How could I forget? Why am I worrying myself, my time, my energy on something that God has already planned? I then spent the next few minutes un-following those strangers and their children. Next I began thinking about all of the wasted time I spend on Pinterest pinning things for a pregnancy that isn't there. I've decided to put the focus back on my health. Remember when I was picked for a CrossFit challenge? I had to dropout because of the pregnancy, but now I don't have that excuse. It's time for me to start taking care of myself again! I hope that I can once again become distracted in maintaining me, myself, and I.

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