Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Things: 11/1/2012

   Every week I have to have blood drawn in order to monitor my HCG levels. This morning while waiting for my name to be called I observed an older couple. The husband was sitting next to me and soon his wife came out from behind one of the doors, he quickly got up, asked her if she was alright, and then very quickly, instinctively, put his hand in hers as they proceeded to walk out the door. It made me smile. Then I began to think about the small habits my husband shows me on a regular basis.
-I love when Blake opens car doors for me.
-I love when Blake gives me a kiss every night before bed.
-I love when Blake goes the extra mile and puts my food on a tray.
-I love that my husband takes better care of me than himself.
-I love that Blake isn't a fan of Halloween but let me paint his face to make me happy.
-I love when Blake holds MY hand.
-I love when Blake talks in a goofy voice to the frups.
-I love Blake.
   Blake is such a caring person and I might not tell him all the time and I should. When I was pregnant he constantly asked what I was craving, if I was alright, and wanted to experience all that pregnancy had to offer with me. It's easy to forget to tell those closest to you how important they in fact are in your life. I know that Blake is reading this (he's probably the first person to do so) and I want to tell him that he means the world to me and I love him.


  1. Lady Bird that was so freaking sweet of you to write, thanks for all of the above!! Love you more than you know!
    Have a great day!

  2. Isn't love cute! :) x