Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...
...that sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the universe who isn't pregnant.
... that I am kicking ass at the gym this week.
...that I can't remember where my BSF lesson is for this week.
... to have already planned out my weekend. I plan to do nothing.
... to know that there are 31 days until spring break.
... to be team Brandi, not Leann.
... to contemplate deleting your Facebook account.
... that I don't watch Glee anymore, the stories are terrible compared to how they once were. not give a hoot about zombies ( I don't understand this craze!)
... to admit that I haven't been to a mall in over a year.

This is how I feel knowing tomorrow is Friday:




  1. Hey! Found you on the Its OK linkup. I 110% agree with you on feeling like the only person on the planet who isn't pregnant. I think there's something in the water. I also can't stand Glee anymore. I stopped watching after Quinn went all bad-ass and tried to get her daughter back. Lame.

    Happy Friday Eve, stop on by to if you wish!
    <3 MJ

  2. Uughhhhh... I couldn't agree more. How can Leann possibly want sympathy?? Gross. And I was a HUGE Glee fan until this season. I hate the split thing. I found you on It's ok Thursday and am your newest follower. I was hopin' that you'd hop on by my blog, stay a while, and follow back if you like it!!

    Have a lovely day,