Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Fitness Pal

This is how I have been tracking my calorie intake.

I LOVE that you are able to use the barcode scanner to pick up almost all food or drinks you ingest.

The diary keeps track of everything you have had to eat, the calories you've worked off from exercising, and your remaining calories. At the end of each day you click on complete login for the day and it tells you how much you will weigh in five weeks time if you continue having days like said day.

   I am not really interesting in joining Weight Watchers but I am curious to know if My Fitness Pal is almost identical to the WW online? My Fitness Pal is a free app that has everything I need and more. It's very simple to set up and is totally user friendly. One of the easiest and most convenient features is the barcode, I get to live out my grocery store clerk childhood dream; scanning groceries! So far as mentioned I am down six whole pounds and I am happy happy happy. Along with the app I am sticking to a gym routine of at least three times per week including at least one yoga class. Meal planning is also a tool I am using and want to better myself at doing. It feels really good to have the tools necessary to make this great weight loss goal complete!

If you are on a similar journey what are the tools you are using?


  1. MyFitnessPal is a really great app. I just read another post about an app called "Lose It!". I may try that one as well. Congrats on your success so far!

  2. wow this is so smart and such a healthy idea to keep track of everything! xoxo