Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Catherine

The Facts of Me

Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. If you've never been here allow me to introduce myself and a few facts about me.

Fact: I am a vegetarian and have been for about 21 years.
Fact: I am from a family of seven children, and I am the third oldest. (no, I'm not Catholic or Mormon)
Fact: I do not like picking out the first of anything from the grocery, I will grab the item behind it, never the first.
Fact: My husband was actually my elementary/middle/high school crush.
Fact: I get anxious if I am awake on a work night, I call them school nights because I am a teacher, passed double digits; ie ten o'clock is late!
Fact: Scary movies are my favorite, I don't like romantic comedies or girly movies.
Fact: I believe that the color turquoise is magical. It was also my grandmother's favorite color.
Fact: My hair is crazy curly and I've always hated it, but now that it's really long I don't mind wearing it natural.
Fact: I wear a gazillion bracelets on my left arm and never take them off.
Fact: I have three frups. I call dogs frups. One is a maltese named Bella Bell, the second one is a morkie named Birdie Bell, and the third is a lab named Daisy Mae.

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