Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bella bell update

warning: some photos might be too graphic

we had our final check-up yesterday and i am delighted to report that miss. bella bell doesn't need anymore surgeries. yes, her eye is a little wonky but the doctor says with due time it will slowly come down.

i think she looks beautiful. i am happy she is alive, peppy, and full of life. she acts like nothing happened and that nothing is wrong with her. i can report that she is still a feisty little one playing with her big sister daisy mae.
i was told that the above picture was offensive. it really pissed me off. this is what MY dog looks like, she is a survivor, and i love her. i refuse to not feature or show photos of her.

everyone knows its hot as a hell and down in the hill country we are under a heat advisory until 10p.m. tonight. i did unpack a box today, yay me, thanks eclectically e for the motivation.

here's a photo i took for your viewing pleasure:
it's our headboard! excuse the mess but like i said, i am working on organizing this beautiful home.


  1. Glad she is alright! Hoping she has a speedy recovery!!!

  2. Some people are so mean! I am glad she is okay! All that matters is she is alive and happy don't worry about what others say she is beautiful!

  3. WOO HOO!!! So proud of you girl :) it was all you! I just gave you the push!

    Also so happy to hear Miss Bella is feeling better. Such a sweet pup!

  4. your little pup is precious. people can be so rude sometimes!!