Thursday, August 4, 2011

what i'm playing thursday: 8/4/2011

early morning walk/run = pump up the volume jams.
so here's what i listened to:

chaotic....britney spears
(you might remember this from her show with kfed)

jane fonda...mickey avalon

should've said no...taylor swift

last friday night...katy perry

keep it together...madonna

rockstar 101...rihanna

hard (remix)...rihanna

** i am overjoyed by the emails i recieved asking to help with my classroom needs/wants! i decided to add a donate button on the right side for those interested in helping me purchase various things and will update the blog with pictures of my classroom & with YOUR permission will thank you personally on this blog. it's amazing to think that people can care for a perfect stranger :) **

current mood: blessed not stressed
what are you listening to?


  1. lots of great songs!! cute blog!!

    jenna duty

  2. Loving your list!! Oh, how I miss the sane, fun-loving B.Spears... Before KFed sent her to live in Crazytown. :( Thanks for all of your sweet comments! :)