Friday, August 5, 2011

true life: i'm a general, but awesome blogger

i have been waiting all week for this link-up! mrs. monologues & fabulous but evil are the hosts...

this blog will include things that i love. i am a visual person so tons of pictures are in order.

my bff sorority sister otto

i love the freedom of a chained bike

only the best around wear the crown

i did it!

otto's graduation

my other bff, my real life sister, caroline

caroline's 21st
fact: i love turquoise.

fact: i love my family, like a lot.

fact: i married my middle school/high school crush.

fact: my sorority is amaze-balls (zta)

fact: my husband & i just moved into our dream home & it's overwhelming.

fact: i am an elementary school teacher who has fun every single day of work.

fact: i am self conscious about my weight.

fact: i am dieting (who isn't)

fact: i prefer champagne, anytime, all the time.

fact: i miss ashley otto.

fact: i have two frups, bella bell & daisy mae.

fact: i am not normal.

fact: my background and life events have only made me stronger, cliche, i know, but i have compassion for others that has come only from my struggles.

fact: i have a secret.

fact: i miss the fun/crazy random happenings of college.

thanks for taking time out of your friday to find out a little bit about me.

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  1. You are too cute, I bet your students adore you!!!