Thursday, August 11, 2011

what i'm playing thursday: 8/11/2011

tomorrow i go back to school, yippee! so in preparation of my final day of summer i am jamming out to this master mix:

nicki minaj...super bass




glee cast...loser like me

nirvana...smells like teen spirit

garbage...i'm only happy when it rains

pearl jam...jeremy

there you have, my random, but motivating music of the day. happy last day of summer to me!

tomorrow my mother-in-law is coming to visit! it's going to be a fantastic weekend and i know today will be wonderful.

what are you listening to?
anything old school?


  1. Great Post!!! I love the Jackson 5.
    Enjoy your last day of summer break!!!

  2. WOO HOO FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! It's going to be a great year, I just know it!

    I have been listening non-stop to oldies music this week. Not exactly old school/90's-ish BUT still...nothing beats the :)

    Best of luck tomorrow, dear!