Saturday, August 20, 2011

a saturday movie review

***** stars
bradley cooper, robert de niro (actors)

blake & i spent our friday night watching this thriller/action movie. the movie is about a struggling writer (bradley cooper) whose life mimics that of a homeless person. he is given a pill that allows 100% access to his brain. suddenly he has the power to remember, recall, and react to everything around him. the depth of his access is explored throughout the movie which keeps you intrigued. but, as we all know, something too good is usually too good. so at what cost/limit is it worth to take this pill? watch the movie & find out.

it was really good, the ending left you thinking "what?!?! more, more, more!", which is always good.
the acting and cinematic filming was awesome. 'on demand' it tonight!

got up this morning to check out some garage sales and local thrift shops. i am looking for books and storage solutions. i have also decided to have a craft saturday! my older and awesome sister, remember, the pregnant one, gave me a wreath for my classroom so i plan to turn it into something awesome. i also have a guest room table that needs some tlc. so, i have a date with modge podge and wrapping paper. i will post pictures later.

happy saturday!


  1. We almost rented this movie last night! I really want to see it. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a nice day you have planned. Enjoy!

  2. I love your Saturday Movie Review! I will keep this one in mind next time we go to rent a movie!

  3. I loved this movie, entertaining! Thanks for your comments, I'm excited for your hopefully-one-day-new-career of motherhood :)