Sunday, July 17, 2011

the big ole move

wow. what a rough couple of days we have had. moving takes everything out of you. hiring movers was the best decision ever, they were in & out in less than two hours. now we have the tedious task of unpacking everything. we have so much stuff! here is a little preview of what has been going on at the dryden's...



miss. bella bell is such a miracle

before (inside drawer)

and after a little creativity and mod podge
the guys just taking a break
my awesome brother garren

our angel in her new king bed :)

there is so much to be done and it's overwhelming today. my sweet brother garren came over yesterday to help me move my clothes and holy moly i have so much stuff that the three closets plus wardrobe rack will not hold my stuff. it frustrates me knowing i must go through & give away. i even gave my housekeeper a ton of stuff yesterday but not even close to the amount i need to throw out. blake & i have decided to take it easy today, we deserve the break.

bella bell & daisy may are getting used to the new place but both are SHOCKED by the amount of space they now have (2,000 sq. feet) the hardwood is amazing, you just hear there pitter pattering feet/nails throughout the house. the huge windows bring in so much light and not to mention heat (!) so i purchased twelve heat/cool resistent curtains in hopes of controlling the heat. so far so good.

i feel a little guilty that i am not unpacking boxes and setting up the house but i just want to relax...
do you ever feel guilty when you have a huge 'to-do' list?

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