Wednesday, July 13, 2011

house update 7-13-2011 (final before decor)

for those of you wondering what my diy stuff has been here is a sneak peek, oh and a look at the house, t-minus one day and we are in!
my diy projects

completed diy project shelf

diy bathroom stuff



d for dryden :)

time to make a chalkboard

chalkboard paint found at walmart

yay, completed. will look great in the kitchen

move in day after tomorrow
our pretty little teacup holders

it's all happening

front entry hall

more front entry

catherine's monster size closet/craft/vanity room

more of my room

stunning living/dining room

guest room

kitchen with door to laundry

love the built in's with storage

laundry room door with hole for bella bell


the dungeon shower, dryden loves it

master bath

another view of dining/living room

beautiful back deck

great keyhole...skeleton key anyone?

turn on the fan babe

crystal doorknobs, not sure where they are going yet

guest bath room, pretty tight

another view of the entrance


what do you think?

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