Sunday, July 24, 2011

an engagement story: 7/24/2009

two years ago today blake & i got engaged. we were in colorado, he was living there, i was there for a job interview and obviously visiting him. he picked me up from the airport and we drove straight to golden for my teaching interview. i thought the interview went awful so to cheer me up we went to the golden city hotel (one of our favorite places) for breakfast. we then discussed my big move to denver. the rest of the day was spent shopping, decorating blake's house, and walking around what was sure to be my new city.

later that night blake and i decided on a night in because the following day we would visit some mountains that were sentimental to blake and probably go camping. blake had been cooking a vegetarian dish in his slow cooker for me. he is the master chef in the relationship. we sat eating a delicious meal and watching the show weeds. blake got up to use the restroom while daisy (dog) and i continued watching the show. daisy starts barking at the back door, blake runs out, looks outside and urges me to 'come look, omg'. i get up, look outside and see nothing but a pool and the clear denver skies. i was actually annoyed, i turned around saying 'i don't see a BLEEPING thing' and there he is. down on one knee ring box open. first words out of my mouth, 'are you drunk?!'
just said yes!

next came the most beautiful words spoken, tears, kissing, and happiness. i had been waiting for this moment all of my life. it was such an amazing night. i was going to be mrs. robert blake dryden.

i am so thankful for that night, my life, our dogs, and our new house. it really is all happening for us. i love you, blake.  oh and in case you were wondering, yes i did get the job! but blake decided to move to boerne instead. secretly i think he knew my plan to just move u there, 'try it out' for in my mind what would have just been one month, then move back home. hey, i cannot be that far away from my family. god is so good, all the time.

*update* my sister just text me and her water broke! baby riley is on the way.

do you have an engagement story to share?


  1. Very sweet engagement story! You both look super duper happy! :)