Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blessings: 7/12/2011

yesterday started off as any other day until our youngest frup bella bell was nipped by our other bigger dog daisy. bella is 2.6lbs of pure fierceness and daisy is 80lbs of love (she thinks she is the same size as bella). bella's eye was hanging out, blood everywhere, chaos and panic. blake rushed into action and immediately drove to our vet. praise the lord for dr. quinn, he was able to operate and now our new one eyed baby is home safe. i am keeping both of my eyes on her and giving her a ton of love. of course she is a fighter so she is currently up chasing her new pink ball.

yesterday they finished the driveway. the wrought iron gate looks awesome. all thats left to do is paint a few bedrooms inside and clean then before you know it we will be moving in!

i am currently working on some diy projects, here are some photos so far...

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