Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what i am loving wednesday: 7/6/2011

hi everyone. it was an exciting weekend spent packing, moving, throwing out old stuff, and collecting a few new pieces of junk along the way.

saturday we went to the new house and found one of our neighbors was moving to austin and they were giving a way a set of perfectly fine wooden chairs (score!) along with the chairs they were getting rid of this really vintage-looking peddle car. double score!

today i am loving the end of the casey marie anthony trial and the possiblility of a movie. ( i will not state my opinion on this topic)

i am loving the new season of trueblood

i am also loving all these amazing spray paint colors:

i love the idea of rain! we sure need it here in texas:

lastly i am loving framed fabric:
happy wednesday to you all. i cannot wait to begin on a few diy projects i have, new lamp shade bases, the framed fabric, burlap ottoman, and a few transformations to my current jewelry boards. stay tuned!

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