Friday, July 15, 2011

fill in the blank friday: 7/15/2011

good morning! it's moving day... stress fun! had to link up with lauren because i love fill in the blank fridays...

1. i am a (morning , middle of the day, evening person): morning, definitely! i like to rise and shine way before sunrise. i feel like i am at my best in the mornings and being a teacher helps too, i am that 'annoying' awesome morning person!
2. my favorite station on pandora is: don't have one, i prefer my i-phone.
3.  three of my must have songs on a roadtrip playlist are: highway to hell by ac/dc, the road goes on forever by robert earl keen jr, and mercedes benz by janis joplin!

4. my favorite pattern is: i have to name at least three, swirl, floral, and right now i am loving the chevron pattern.
5. my favorite perfume is: chance by chanel.
6. rules are: like manners, they need to be used but sometimes you just gotta break 'em!
7. the most overused phrase or punctuation is/are: "i'm starving" ok you are NOT starving, you are hungry, i do not know anyone personally who is starving and if they were god willing i would help them. most overused punctuation is definitely the exclamation point, i do not recall in grammar learning to use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more than once.

waiting on the movers, more moving/packing, quick trip to walmart to return some pathetic curtains and then hopefully cooling down somewhere. decorating can wait...

what are you doing today?


  1. CHEVRON! I'm with ya, girl!

  2. Oh my god I love the background of your blog!
    I so agree about your road music choices!!